The II school plenary session against bullying reaches the Assembly of Extremadura.  today is

Next Monday,30th of October, will take place on II school plenary session against bullying due to LGBTIphobia in the Assembly of Extremadura, which includes this Triángulo Foundation initiative for the second consecutive year. It can be followed online at

On this occasion there will also be the participation of teachers, students and teaching teams from the Ruta de la Plata and Cristo del Rosario institutes.

Fathers and mothers will also participate, and together with the main protagonists, the students, they will address discrimination and harassment due to LGBTIphobia, as well as a proposed coexistence agreement that is committed to equality and diversity as a hallmark of the spaces. educational.

In its first edition, the Assembly of Extremadura obtained the recognition of the SHUT UP as a pioneering initiative in European, national and regional parliaments. In it, she gathered personal testimonies from students and family members to promote dialogue, raise awareness and generate commitments about bullying in the school environment, its prevention, its consequences and its treatment.

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