The house that guards childhood

Thursday, June 1, 2023, 12:40

Luis Landero returns home, to Albuquerque. There, between the stone walls of a farmhouse, he talks about his early years, about experiences that fueled his imagination and that shaped the storyteller he is today. The author walks through the room finding traces of his past, everything that accompanied him as a child and that has been reflected in his two most autobiographical novels, ‘The Balcony in Winter’ and ‘Emerson’s Orchard’ . We chat with him in the kitchen and he shows us his bedroom and the patio, a patio of snakes and birds.

In this episode we also walk with the Extremaduran writer through his town, through the settings where his childhood games took place and through the Valdeborrachos farm where he had not been for 20 years and where he was happy among the oaks, spending those eternal summers of childhood . We listen to the streets, the rumors of the countryside, the echoes of the rooms.

This is the first of a series of four installments in which, accompanied by journalist Cristina Nuñez, Luis Landero rescues from his memory events and emotions that are also completed with secrets and routines from his creation process until he achieves the translation of all that the pages of his books. The episodes also incorporate excerpts from his works in audiobook format or read by the author himself.


  • Written and narrated by

    Cristina Nunez

  • Edited by

    Marta Muñoz and Antonio José Sánchez

  • Mastered by

    LAND HO!

  • Illustration

    Leticia Aróstegui

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