The best video games to be scared

Tuesday, October 24, 2023, 10:03

The video game industry continues to focus on the horror and suspense genre with original titles and remakes of great classics such as the well-known Silent Hill, Resident Evil or Fatal Frame. Furthermore, with the rapid evolution of technology, these have become absolute gems for immersion lovers. You will feel in the shoes of those ordinary protagonists with whom you will be able to empathize from the minute and live a most terrifying experience..

So, if you don’t feel like watching the usual movies again on Halloween, turn on your console or PC, prepare some popcorn and sweets, and face the challenges of the best video games to scream this Halloween.

I have created a very complete selection so that You are the one who decides how you want to face these challenges, puzzles and life or death combats that these horror video games offer. Ready to turn off the light and turn up the sound on your speakers?

Alan Wake Remastered

The best video games to be scared
The best video games to be scared

This horror classic, which will also finally receive a sequel this year, is one of the essentials in your library. The story tells us the life of Alan Wake, a writer of horror novels who tries to solve the strange disappearance of his wife.. Thus, in the shoes of this desperate man, you will discover how the details of his latest novel become reality in this suspense and horror video game with a plot that will hook you until the end. Available on PS4, PS5 and XBOX, you can get it on Amazon from only €20.95

Alien: Isolation

Without a doubt, one of my favorite atmospheric horror video games of recent years. And it is not necessary to know much about its plot since, already With the name of the most acclaimed saga in cinema and which was the precursor of the space horror genre, we play the daughter of the famous Lieutenant Ripley to face the chaos unleashed on a ship taken over by the xenomorph. The style, music and script will make us feel part of this movie story. Take advantage of the -41% discount on Amazon and buy this game of 10 for only €13.99 for PS4.

Dead Island 2

Almost ten years after the premiere of Dead Island, a classic for lovers of the zombie genre, This new installment of this action and survival game arrives so that you can experience in first person the chaos caused by a new zombie wave. This horror game with touches of comedy in the open world has received an expansion this year and is expected to receive new content for next 2024. Reload your shotgun, put on your boots and kill and finish off for €56.99 thanks to the PC Components discount of -18% for this PS5 title

Dead by Daylight

I suggest that, if you don’t feel like playing alone on Halloween night, you meet up with your colleagues to enjoy one of the considered best multiplayer horror games of recent years. In Dead by Daylight You can play an exciting 4 against 1 where the latter will have the role of the assassin who will try to kill the 4 players. Escape from that dramatic and horrifying ending with all kinds of torture and a lot of different screens thanks to its system of generated levels that change with each game. Each game can be a new night of terror with this great game that you can find on Amazon from €27.43 in its version for Switch.

Resident Evil Village

I end this selection with the eighth installment of a classic among classics. I encourage you to get this title now that returns to the origins of the saga, but with a completely unique touch to live a terrifyingly unique experience. After the success of Resident Evil 7, andThis new installment has achieved effusive applause from lovers of horror video games, including myself, giving an original touch to a story starring some of the most charismatic vampires. Get it for this Halloween and take advantage of the -9% discount on its version for PS5 on PC components for only €63.18. Have a scary night!

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