The best vertical irons for those who hate ironing

Monday, September 11, 2023, 09:55

If we say that no one likes to iron, we are probably not lying. Or almost no one. It is a fact and there is not much more to add about it. However, ironing is one thing and quite another “iron”, like this, with clearly visible and bold quotes, so that it stands out. In this short article I am going to talk to you, of course, about the second case. And for this I have here at my side a selection of the best vertical irons that you will fall in love with, even those who do not distinguish wool from linen.

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The best vertical irons for those who hate ironing

A little context. What is ironing? It seems like a silly question, but not at all. It is about ironing clothes to remove wrinkles. Until then, everyone agrees, right? Perfect. Now: how long was it established that ironing was synonymous with horizontal ironing? Why do we have it in our heads that the first step to ironing is to place the board? We have to look a little beyond the traditional ways and see how those who really understand the subject iron.

Experts fight vertical wrinkles, with the clothes hanging, so as not to have to continually look for the position in which the fabric is as smooth as possible: gravity works in our favor in this case. Furthermore, vertical plates have the advantage of being much lighter and more manageableso not only will you get less tired, but they will come in handy to carry in your suitcase and leave your clothes ready in no time when you are away from home.

Below I leave you a small compilation of the vertical irons best rated by users: powerful, versatile and above all very effective models so that ironing stops being a hassle. Do not miss it!


We start with this model from the Rowenta brand, with 1600 watts of power and only 1 kilo in weight, with an ergonomic handle and a 3-meter cable, which allows you to operate this iron with total comfort and without effort. It has a burst of steam of 26 grams per minute and its surface is made of aluminum with a ceramic coating. It has a 190 milliliter tank and its tissue penetration capacity. It not only smoothes, but eliminates bad odors.


This vertical iron model from the Cecotec brand stands out for having 2 continuous steam modes, so that You can use it with all types of garments, even the most delicate ones. It has a power of 1700 watts and is ready for use in just 20 seconds after turning on. Thanks to its constant flow rate of 35 grams per minute, you will eliminate the most resistant wrinkles, and you will be able to use it without problems. also in curtains and mattresses.


Here you have a foldable model and with a wireless operating time of 10 minutes, ideal for taking on a trip, signed by the Ufesa brand. This vertical iron has 1470 watts of power and is ready to use in just 25 seconds. Comes with a practical brush to enhance the effect of steam on thicker fabrics and is most versatile, since you can also use it to iron horizontally, like a traditional model.


The Raelunyi brand also offers us a model of vertical iron with a folding head, designed above all to take on a trip, although it will provide you with the most effective service as domestic iron for all types of garments and fabrics, from wool and cotton to silk. It reaches a maximum temperature of 140ºC and one of its main features is that it has a water tank integrated into the handle itself, so you won’t have to worry about leaks.


Now let’s go with the Muaket vertical iron, which has 1000 watts of power and It attracts attention with its sophisticated surfaceconsisting of a 5-layer ceramic panel designed to take maximum care of clothing, emitting a maximum temperature of 180 ºC, which guarantees thorough disinfection that allows you to kill 99% of bacteria. It is ready to use in just 25 seconds and has a 150 milliliter tank.


The Homeasy brand brings us a very compact vertical iron, specially designed to be carried in your suitcase, which comes with its own travel bag and has an electrical power of 800 watts. It requires a 45 second warm-up, but in exchange offers up to 8 minutes of continuous steam flow, at a constant output of 18 grams per minute. Thanks to the fact that it reaches up to 140ºC, it can reach areas of the fabric that detergent cannot reach, eliminating bacteria and unpleasant odors.


We finish with a vertical iron from the Orbegozo brand that users recommend to iron in “30-45 seconds”, especially fine clothes that we are going to put on at the same moment. It has a power of 1630 watts, a 230 milliliter tank and 2 steam modes: normal (for standard straightening) and strong (for those more pronounced wrinkles or for thicker fabrics). It includes a 2-meter cable so you don’t have any mobility problems.

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