The best surveillance cameras for your home

Wednesday, August 30, 2023, 12:30

There are many reasons to resort to this type of tools: from the simple peace of mind that comes from being able to check that everything is as it should at home, or being able to see if someone has invaded or approached your property, to much more mundane but Equally important is checking on the baby in the next room or the pets when you’re not at home.

How to choose the best surveillance camera for your home

Before showing you the models that I have selected for both indoor and outdoor use in your home, it is worth remembering the main characteristics that make up a home security camera, and what their importance is according to your needs.

Resolution. This represents the video quality with which the camera records and works the same as on any other device with video recording or playback, such as a mobile phone or a television: the higher the resolution, the greater the definition of the image. For a home camera, a resolution of 1080p (FullHD) is usually sufficient.

Two-way audio. Some devices allow you to not only listen to what the camera captures, but also play your voice where it is. It is a valuable feature for baby or pet cameras.

Vision angle. Surveillance cameras differ from fixed cameras such as those on smartphones or webcams in that they cover as wide a range of vision as possible, especially if they have to cover large spaces.

Motion alerts. It is a function that notifies the application when the camera detects something moving in its field. They can usually be set to recognize pets and ignore them.

Others. In addition to what was mentioned, there are other features such as night vision, resistance or weathering or what type of power they use. Additionally, some cameras offer the ability to store recordings in the cloud, although this is usually accompanied by a monthly fee.

What is more important

In summary, the most important features of the surveillance camera will depend on the use you want to give it:

For outdoors, both weather resistance and power supply will be especially important.

For babies, two-way audio can be very important to be able to calm them with our voice. If the camera is going to be within the child’s reach, it is vital that it be made of non-toxic and resistant materials.

For pets, two-way audio can also save us more than one scare, as well as night vision and a good viewing angle that covers the entire possible space.

The best surveillance cameras for your home

Here you have the selection with the home surveillance cameras that offer the best quality-price ratio:

ieGeek ZS-GQ2

The best surveillance cameras for your home
The best surveillance cameras for your home

This outdoor WiFi camera is designed for continuous recording of your garden or porch. It has a recording resolution of 2K, twice that of the FullHD standard, to provide better definition and detail capacity. It is IP65 waterproof, has night vision in both black and white and color, motion detection, alarm with light and sound and the possibility of subscribing to its Cloud services. All for less than €50.

TP-Link Tapo C200

One of the cheapest cameras in the selection is the Tapo C200, which offers more than acceptable performance for up to less than €30. It has 360º horizontal movement and 114º vertical movement, FullHD resolution, motion detection, light and sound alarms, night vision, two-way audio and local storage via microSD card with the possibility of contracting Cloud service. It is difficult to offer more for less.

Ezviz C6N

Another very economical interior model is the Ezviz proposal, equally complete and very suitable if you simply want to have the interior of your home controlled for your pet or baby. 360º horizontal coverage, FullHD resolution, motion detection with smart tracking, two-way audio, 10-meter range night vision and compatible with Alexa to keep all your smart devices on the same network. Storage, as usual, is done locally via microSD or in the cloud via subscription.

Imou Rex 3D 3MP

Still in indoor cameras but slightly raising the range we have this Imou model, which stands out for its higher recording resolution, 2304x 1296p (QHD), with real-time panoramic recording. Other features worth highlighting are its ability to differentiate between humans and pets in its intelligent detection and tracking system, in addition to the rest of the functions that the cheapest ones have.

Somfy Indoor ‎2401507A

The most demanding may prefer Somfy’s indoor camera option, which stands out for its complete, fully configurable surveillance options. Its selective detection system combines infrared and image analysis to differentiate the areas you want to monitor from those you don’t, recording and sending you a warning as soon as it detects movement so you can see the clip instantly from wherever you are. It has privacy protection by motorized shutter, two-way audio and FullHD video with zoom up to x8 without loss of quality. You can find it on Amazon for €151.20.

Xega Pack 2 solar security cameras

If you want to have the exterior of your home monitored without worrying about the power of your surveillance cameras, this pack with 2 solar models from Xega is your best option. With a 355º horizontal panoramic and 100º vertical inclination, without blind spots, and with IP66 waterproofing that allows them to be installed outdoors without worrying about the elements. Motion detection, two-way audio and solar panel power that can be installed up to 3 meters from the camera. You can get both on Amazon for €189.99.

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