The Assembly of Extremadura, Stars of Europe award for its fight against LGTBI bullying.  today is

The Assembly of Extremadura has been awarded the prize stars of europe from Conference of European Regional Legislative Associations (CALRE) for its celebration of first school plenary session against LGTBI-phobic bullying last October 10. The awards ceremony will take place, coinciding with the CALRE plenary assembly, next November in Seville.

The Regional Chamber has been distinguished from among a total of eleven member assemblies and parliaments of the Conference of European Regional Legislative Assemblies (CALRE) that have presented their candidacies for the CALRE Stars of Europe award, which this year celebrates its second edition.

In this way, the work of the Extremadura Assembly is recognized for gathering personal testimonies from students and families to promote dialogue, raise awareness and generate commitments about bullying in the school environment, its prevention, its consequences and its treatment. This is what he did in first school plenary session against LGTBI-phobic bullying last October.

This activity took place in the chamber of the legislative chamber and included more than a hundred students from the Tamujal Secondary School in Arroyo de San Serván (Badajoz) at the initiative of the Triangle Foundation.

The CALRE Stars of Europe Award aims to highlight the best practices and initiatives adopted by the European regional assemblies that are members of CALRE that improve aspects or sectors of the economic, cultural and social lives of their territories and communities, highlighting the positive impact of European institutions in regional realities.

The president of the Extremaduran Assembly, Blanca Martinhas expressed his pride and gratitude for this recognition that “has as its goal real equality and the end of all types of discrimination in our society.”

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