The Assembly of Extremadura hosts an exhibition of therapeutic photography.  today is

The president of the Assembly of Extremadura, Blanca Martín, inaugurated on Thursday, February 15, the therapeutic photography exhibition ‘Photography and Disability’, an exhibition composed of 54 images taken by users of the Nuñomoral Residential and Family Center of Messengers of Peace Extremadura that will remain in the noble courtyard of the Regional Chamber until the end of February.

In this regard, Martín stated at the inauguration that the exhibition “brings us the gaze” of the center’s users and thanked the work carried out by the Messengers for Peace workers. “It is important that there are people who work to achieve equality for all,” he added.

For her part, the coordinator of the Disability area of ​​Messengers of Peace Extremadura, Raquel Cortés, explained that this is an initiative that they launched in the Nuñomoral center at the request of the users themselves, “who demonstrated that they have no limits nor barriers when they have the enthusiasm and the necessary support to do what they propose.”

Likewise, he recalled that the association “has been working in the region for more than 25 years and currently manages more than 20 programs that cover very diverse groups.”

Images from the exhibition. /
J. M. Romero

Next, the Coordinator of the Nuñomoral Residential and Family Center, María José Delgado Martín, declared that the activity is “a workshop integrated into the occupational area in which artistic expressions are worked on” and that “it was born to improve its integration in the new technologies and their capacity for expression.


‘Photography and Disability’ is part of the Miradas project of Messengers of Peace Extremadura. A program in which different disciplines are integrated through programs and workshops focused on improving the quality of life of users, according to the association.

This workshop, based on phototherapy, aims to highlight therapeutic photography as a work tool for people with mental disabilities. Specifically, it seeks to improve the expression of emotions, affections and the creative capacity of the participants thanks to taking images of their locations, of themselves, or of the places they visit.

The collection has been divided into five modules, which are monumental photography, contemporary photography, portrait photography, landscape photography and rural photography. The images were taken in different settings in Sierra de Gata, Sierra de Francia, Las Hurdes, Salamanca, Madrid, Plasencia and Los Barruecos.


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