The Assembly of Extremadura hosts a conference on the social concert of public benefits and non-profit entities.  today is

The first vice president of the Assembly of Extremadura, José Andrés Mendo, inaugurated this Thursday, November 9, in the regional Chamber, the conference ‘The social concert of public benefits and non-profit entities of social action’, organized by the Committee of Entities of Representatives of People with Disabilities of Extremadura (CERMI Extremadura).

José Andrés Mendo declared that among the functions of the Assembly of Extremadura, “apart from those that correspond to it in the legislative exercise, the regional Chamber has the function of political impulse that determines that no social conflict is alien to it.” In that sense, he stressed that “the Extremaduran Chamber watches over, protects, integrates and guides those that can be described as weaker groups through norms and laws.”

He added that it is “a function that requires maintaining and supporting people and it is good that social rights continue to be debated and legislated in the Assembly.”

Likewise, the Minister of Health and Social Policies, José María Vergeles Blanca, and the president of CERMI Extremadura, Miguel Ortega, spoke at the inauguration. The president of CERMI Extremadura explained that “we must debate and speak conscientiously about how to make the services and care for people with disabilities and their families sustainable over time and economically.”

Next, he indicated that “the reason for organizing these conferences is to publicize a system for coordinating social responsibility services between the administration and third sector entities, whose form of contracting has already been launched in some autonomous communities and in the European territory, and that through social clauses make sustainable care for disabilities and groups at risk of social exclusion.”

For his part, the Minister of Health defended that “these days must be lived as a commitment that the public powers have to try to make the Disability Care Framework in Extremadura, which was already good for Extremadura, be much more guaranteeing for people. disabled and for workers.”

After the inauguration, the day included three presentations. Firstly, the technical general secretary of the Government of Aragon, José Antonio Jiménez, offered the presentation ‘Concerted action, provision of public services and relationship with the third sector’. Next, the presentation ‘The application of the Social Concert in Europe and Spain: Panorama and Trends’ took place by the director of Fresno The Right Link, José Manuel Fresno. Finally, the president of CERMI, Luis Cayo Pérez, spoke about ‘The social concert, an innovation in the collaborative management of social rights’.

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