The Assembly of Extremadura advocates fighting against discrimination against the Roma people through education.  today is

The Autonomy Room of the Assembly of Extremadura has welcomed the Open Day 2017 of the Secretariado Gitano Foundation (FSG). The work carried out by the association during 2016 was announced and was inaugurated by the first vice president of the regional Chamber, José Andrés Mendo.

He has highlighted “the annual commitment to training in values, civics or health” among the various activities carried out by the Foundation. He has assured that “education is the common denominator that increases the levels of development of a country and is necessary to end discrimination.” He has defended that “the Assembly of Extremadura is the ideal place to host this event because it is the home of all Extremadurans without distinction of sex, race or creed.”

Also present at this event were the territorial director of the Secretariado Gitano Foundation in Extremadura, María Teresa Suárez, and the Councilor for Social Services of the Mérida City Council, Catalina Alarcón Frutos, who has joined in recognizing the “so intense” work that The foundation carries out “interesting and good” courses and workshops.

Some of the participants in the open day.

Suárez explained that with this event, what the Foundation intends is to make visible “the impact of our programs and create a space for coexistence under the motto ‘Come, there is a lot that unites us’. In this regard, he announced that next Friday, the 23rd, “there will be a space to share – various activities – with citizens at street level.”

Furthermore, María Teresa took the opportunity to ask the deputies present during her speech to “establish intervention strategies in various fields, but above all in the area of ​​discrimination. Among the areas of intervention proposed by the territorial director of the foundation are mainly education and employment, as well as programs that promote gender equality.

The Secretariado Gitano Foundation has developed a total of 397 programs throughout Spain in which 700 professionals and more than 600 volunteers worked. In Extremadura the foundation has reached 1,290 people with ten programs.

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