The Assembly hosts the presentation in Extremadura of the Starting from Zero campaign.  today is

An animated short film that tells the story of a gypsy girl who travels a path full of difficulties. This is the basis of the Starting from Zero awareness campaign promoted by the Secretariado Gitano Foundation and which was presented at the Extremadura Assembly.

The event, which was closed by José Andrés Mendo, first vice president of the regional Chamber, included the participation of María Teresa Suárez, director of the foundation in Extremadura. This campaign aims to “denounce the inequality and discrimination that the Roma community experiences in terms of education, employment, housing or health,” according to Suárez.

In this sense, the short, with the voice of Antonio Resines, is “the first video that has started with negative views, 750,000, the number of gypsy people living in Spain, and whose objective is to reach zero,” added the president of FSG. Therefore, the objective of Samara, the young audiovisual gypsy, is to reach City Zero.

It is a “simile of the disadvantage that thousands of gypsies have to overcome who, every day, have to overcome the discrimination and rejection that prevents them from having the same opportunities as the rest,” commented Suárez.

Story and decalogue

On the other hand, the campaign includes the story ‘Partir de Cero’, by the writer Màxim Huerta and illustrated by Carlos Salgado and is published thanks to the collaboration of the SM Foundation.

Likewise, FSG has made known at the national level the ‘Decalogue for a Zero City’, “a manifesto that everyone can join on the website to, together, manage to build a society in which no one leaves with a disadvantage,” said the president of the foundation.

For his part, Mendo stated that we must reach the city of equality and defended that “we must continue working to avoid daily discrimination, to bury once and for all those views that often prevent labor and social development. and professional of gypsy people”.

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