The Assembly hosts the event for the World Day of People with Cerebral Palsy.  today is

The World Day of People with Cerebral Palsy, which is commemorated on October 4, featured an event at the Extremadura Assembly organized by the Active Citizenship Network, Aspace.

José Andrés Mendo, first vice president of the Chamber, spoke at the celebration, highlighting that “now more than ever, the Assembly has the obligation to promote and promote social development that guarantees equal opportunities and that contributes to eradicating inequalities, but also to listen to you, to know your concerns, your demands, your interests and your desires for improvement both for your lives and to build a more just and equal Extremadura.”

The president of Aspace, Narciso Antonio Martín, also participated in the event, taking advantage of his turn to speak to demand an improvement in the quality of life of people with cerebral palsy and their families. Furthermore, he pointed out that the objective of the day is to make the reality of these people visible and with events such as the Assembly, an important impact is achieved.


More vindictive, Martín denounced that while in Extremadura there are an approximate number of 2,000 people with cerebral palsy “it is very far from the official number recognized through a diagnosis, which means that they do not receive the necessary care or the care they receive does not fit their needs.” needs”.

On the other hand, for the first vice president of the Assembly, he assured that “it is up to the entire society to make life easier for people who live with any type of disability because our objective as a society is that people with any type of disability , with special attention to intellectual disabilities, acquire the greatest degree of full autonomy possible.”

In this sense, Mendo spoke of the work that family and friends do, providing affection, but also of professional workers, who manage to improve the quality of life of people with cerebral palsy.

Finally, he thanked the work carried out by Aspace since 1982 for the impetus of a small group of parents “who demanded an improvement in the care and treatment of their children with cerebral palsy.”

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