The Assembly and Plena Inclusion are studying establishing a specific commission on disability.  today is

The president of the Assembly of Extremadura, Blanca Martín, and the president of Plena Inclusion Extremadura, Pedro Calderón, met to review the action plan for 2018. This program is part of the agreement between both entities.

For this reason, different proposals for action were addressed at the meeting, among them the possibility of “creating and maintaining” in the Regional Chamber a commission “on disability that meets several times a year in which, fundamentally, the issues are expressed by people with disabilities and addressed to deputies of the Assembly,” Calderón explained.

In that sense, the president of Plena Inclusion explained that this is an initiative that has already been carried out at the state level, both in the Congress of Deputies and in the Senate, and represents “a very important advance because disability counts with direct dialogue within the functioning of both institutions.”

In this regard, Calderón added that Martín promised to promote this initiative, but in the case of the Assembly of Extremadura it would not be “a commission as such because the regulations do not allow it,” he declared.

While the necessary changes are taking place to make said commission possible, “we will meet with the deputies four or five times a year to discuss various areas of action or sectors such as employment and so that people with disabilities can present their needs and concerns directly. ”Calderón stressed.

The president of Plena Inclusion clarified that this proposal is one “of the three axes of the action plan for 2018 that we have presented to the president” and that it will be studied in the monitoring commission of the agreement that the Assembly maintains with the association. The other two axes are “promoting universal accessibility in polling stations and providing general information and resources in an accessible format to the entire population,” he added.

The result of this agreement was the edition of the easy-to-read Statute of Autonomy that will be presented within the events planned by the Regional Chamber to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the fundamental norm by which Extremadura is governed.

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