The Assembly and Aexcid travel to the West Bank to learn about the situation of the refugees.  today is

A delegation from the Assembly of Extremadura and the Extremadura Agency for International Development Cooperation of the Government of Extremadura (Aexcid) began an official trip to the West Bank last Friday, in collaboration with the United Nations Agency for Palestine Refugees in Middle East.

Leading the expedition is Ángel Calle, president of the Aexcid, accompanied by parliamentarians from the PSOE-SIEX, Podemos and Ciudadanos, Carlos Labrador, Jara Romero and María Victoria Domínguez, respectively, and the advisor to the Presidency of the Assembly, David Holguin.

The Shu’fat camps; Ein Al Sultan; Aqbat Jabr, and Aida, as well as the Hebron area, the Souk of the Old City and the Abu George Viewpoint, are the places planned for the Extremaduran delegation to learn about the social, socio-sanitary, demographic conditions and the impact of military operations of the Israeli army in the refugee population hosted by UNRWA in the West Bank.

The Extremaduran delegation intends to observe on the ground some of the activities carried out by the UN in that area, such as health centers and kindergartens; women’s protection centers and programs; food safety tasks in children’s soup kitchens, or the emergency food stamp system and the mental health emergency center.


The representatives of Extremadura plan to meet with the director of UNRWA Operations in the West Bank, Scott Anderson, and with the representative of the Palestinian Bedouin refugee community of Khan Al-Ahmar, Atallah Mazaraa.

The trip takes place in a context of truce between the two Arab political groups in Palestine, Al Fatal and Hamas, and the position of the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, regarding the possibility of the US Government and the UN promoting a restart of the negotiations. peace negotiations.

The West Bank area has 19 camps and a total of 754,411 registered refugees.

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