SP Herrera has a new Board of Directors

Starting this week, SP Herrera has new management to lead the municipality’s soccer team. Both the players, the board of directors and the fans have enough enthusiasm and desire to face the enormous challenge that playing football within the league has in these times.

The Board of Directors has already addressed the fans through a letter that reviews the current situation in which it states “as you all know, we are experiencing delicate and complicated moments in the face of this pandemic that forces us to live in a different from how we had been doing it normally. Football is not spared from this either, but the desire, the fans and the enthusiasm of the players of this team, which they have always demonstrated throughout the existence of this great club, will mean that once again all fans can enjoy football. each Sunday.”

The members of the new board confess that they are committed to SP Herrera and that they have decided to take a step and take charge of the Management Company that will direct the club from now on.

In the letter they declare themselves very excited about this new adventure of supporting and helping “our team and that of course it will not be easy for us without your collaboration, as you have always demonstrated by going to the Saturnino Romero Chacón sports center every Sunday.”

To conclude, the members of the Board of Directors ask the fans to be next to the team, cheering, showing the enthusiasm they feel for the colors and to reach out in the form of encouragement to the players.

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