SP-Herrera beats Orellana Costa Dulce

Second home game of the season in a row at the Municipal Saturnino Romero Chacón and on this occasion it was Orellana Costa Dulce who visited Herrera del Duque.

With a cold afternoon and quite a bit of air, soccer practice seemed complicated, but the storm was going to be a mere anecdote compared to the “inclemency” of the opponent in the form of rough play, bordering in many actions on the illegality that a passive braid allowed in everything. moment.

Even so, the only team that proposed football in all its lines and on a permanent basis was SP Herrera, which from the initial whistle knew how to manage the timing of the game with colorful plays that pleased the local parish.

With this panorama came the first goal of the game in a defensive failure by the visiting team that after the defender made a mistake, the ball reached Mati who beat the rival goal with a ball.

It didn’t take long for the second goal of the game to arrive in a deep ball from the center of the field for Adri Muñoz who left the rival defense at speed and inside the area gave way to Mati who, in a race from the second line, beat the goalkeeper at will. Orellanense.

Despite all this, Orellana Costa Dulce continued locked in their field, without proposing anything and seeking physical confrontation to slow down the game as much as possible and prevent there from being any football on the pitch.

With 2-0 we went to half-time and with an almost full stand the public applauded the efforts of the local team at all times.

The SP continued to make efforts at the restart of the match to increase its advantage on the scoreboard, with an opponent that neither went beyond the center of the field nor shot on goal once in the entire match, completely defeated in football terms, and that the local push made It won’t take long for delirium to reach the stands.

This time through Hendrick, who, after a pass from Javi Agudelo into the area, broke away from the rival defense and with a subtle touch deceived the goalkeeper and the ball slowly entered against the post into the back of the net.

After this goal, the local mister allowed all his available players onto the field, thus giving minutes to his entire squad for the effort, sacrifice and good work in the weeks of preparation.

Thus the match of the 3rd Matchday ended with the result of 3-0 in favor of SP Herrera and which could have been more bulky had it not been for the harshness used by the rival and their constant waste of time.

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