SP draws against Athletic Valle

Athletic Valle visited us almost on Christmas Day with the sole desire of the local team to get the 3 points and thus forget the consecutive debacles against Fuenlabrada and Quintana that we had been suffering.

But none of that happened today in the municipal game and once again SP Herrera showed signs of an apathetic team, disjointed and without ideas in the development of the game to overcome a rival who showed up with everything he had in his visit to Herrera del Duke.

Only in the first half in the action in which Duván scored 0-1 did SP show some superiority but that mirage quickly evaporated like the icy winter afternoon.

The local team’s absurdity of play was such that on the brink of half-time, lack of concentration, reluctance and thinking about the upcoming Christmas holidays caused Athletic Valle to tie the game 1-1.

But if the first part was bad, the second was not far behind. More of the same where not a single play was made that showed signs of the team that once was, where the afternoon cheered up the brave fans who Sunday after Sunday come to the municipal hall to see and support their team.

In the end, SP should almost be thankful for being able to add a point in their field because Athletic Valle had 2 clear chances at the end of the game to score and take the 3 points to their locker.

The SP’s way of playing must change a lot if it really wants to play in the play off as was the objective at the beginning of the season, but seeing what happened in the last few days, without reference in attack, without knowing what we are playing and with the lack of enthusiasm and ambition in the squad and coaching staff, we will have to wait for future projects to make it possible.

Javier Pena.

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