Solidarity of the people of Extremadura with the victims of the terrorist attack in Barcelona.  today is

Since terror took over Barcelona on Thursday due to the terrorist attack in which at least 13 people died, displays of solidarity from Extremadura have been happening. Local and regional institutions, as well as politicians and well-known personalities from different fields have not stopped sending messages of support.

In the Assembly of Extremaduraflags fly at half-mast and three days of official mourning have been declared for the victims of barbarism.

For her part, the Government delegate in Extremadura, Christina Herrerapresided this Friday over a minute of silence for the attack in Barcelona, ​​an event that took place outside the Government Delegation and was attended by representatives of the region’s institutions.

Some have joined them town halls of different localities of the region, such as that of Los Santos de Maimona, which has called the same meeting at the doors of the town halls to show its rejection of the events that occurred in the city of Barcelona.

The president of Extremadura, Guillermo Fernández Vara, and the president of the PP of Extremadura, José Antonio Monago, They have also conveyed the region’s solidarity with Barcelona and the victims.

Through his Twitter profile, the head of the Extremaduran Executive shows his support and confidence in the Security Forces and Corps and in the health system. “Solidarity from Extremadura with Barcelona and the victims,” ​​wrote Fernández Vara.

For his part, Monago has stated that the entire people of Extremadura “are with the Catalan people in these difficult moments” and has expressed his support, on behalf of the popular, to the rulers, to all Catalan political groups and to Catalan society.

The leader of the Extremaduran PP, who has called for “the unity and determination” of all democrats to put an end to terrorism, has stated that “it is necessary to defend freedom and democracy without fissures, and to firmly reject terrorism and any sympathy towards violence.

Vara has also opted for the “union of all as a strength to put an end to the new international terrorism”, which in his opinion is “one of the most important problems” that all Europeans and citizens of the region currently have. world.

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