Save The Children warns that childhood has become a target of war.  today is

The international cooperation manager of Save The Children Spain, David del Campo, presented his book ‘Childhood without a Homeland in a World War’ at an event in Cáceres.

The work exposes how the war in Syria has generated more than four million refugees. “The majority are minors,” said Del Campo, adding that in this conflict “childhood has become a war objective, and it is a fact that has begun to spread.”

The president of the Assembly of Extremadura, Blanca Martín, also attended the meeting, and in her speech she wanted to recognize the NGOs “because a little spot, a black chickpea, makes an exceptional work in defense of human rights falter.” , in relation to the scandal that has engulfed Oxfam.

For his part, Del Campo pointed out that “only civilians die in the Syrian war; It is a war against civilians,” stressing that since the conflict began “2,200 schools have been bombed.”

In his opinion, since the beginning of the conflict in Syria “childhood has been a war objective; an objective that is beginning to spread.” Furthermore, the head of international cooperation at Save The Children was critical of the role that society plays in this conflict, understanding that in our country there is no protest against this war.

Del Campo also regretted the Spanish Government’s response to the refugee crisis. In his opinion, the Executive “knew when it signed the refugee reception agreement that it was not going to assume it.”

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