Only Jim calmed Derek’s anguish.

Thursday, August 3, 2017, 01:25

In it Montjuic Olympic Stadium one of the most emotional moments of the Games was experienced. Derek Redmond He was one of the favorites to win gold in the 400 meter dash. Not in vain, he had left behind his Achilles tendon problems, for which he had to undergo surgery 13 times, and had won the 400 relay a year earlier against the invincible United States team. His enormous sacrifice led him to be in the semifinal with the best time, but everything fell apart after 250 meters. The remaining distance is athletics history.

Redmond tore the tendon in his right leg and said goodbye to any option of fighting for metal. The Briton fell to the court in tears and Montjuic immediately captured the moment of anguish he was experiencing. That favorite, who had also missed the Seoul ’88 event due to injury, became the center of attention and unleashed a torrent of sensations when his father jumped onto the track like a flash to help him complete the course.

The image of Derek Redmond on one leg, in tears and hanging from Jim, his father – who ignored security – infected everyone in attendance. Montjuic gave himself over to the other race, the one that one of the stars of the Games was experiencing against his own destiny. «He was doing it for me, not for the people. It didn’t matter if they thought I was a fool or a hero. “I wanted to finish the race,” he said after completing the test. «I am more proud of him than if he had won. “It takes a lot of courage to do what he did,” said his parent.

That episode was Redmond’s last as an athlete. The doctors recommended that he abandon that sport that was so aggressive for his muscles and regretted that he would never be able to represent his country again. Currently he dedicates his time to giving motivational talks in which his figure and that moment play a key role.

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