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“The failure of the ’96 Atlanta Olympic Games, considered the worst in history, was a foregone conclusion.” This is stated today by senior officials of the Barcelona’92 Organizing Committee. Business city, transportation center and headquarters of Coca Cola, the capital of Georgia took over from the city of Barcelona, ​​but it was arrogant and barely listened to the experiences and advice of its predecessors.

Based on the maxim that “the Games are what journalists explain in their respective countries”, Barcelona’92 represented a revolution in technology and information technology at the service of more than 12,000 accredited informants. Due to the secrecy of the South Koreans and the limited information obtained about what happened in Los Angeles’84, since the Americans wanted to charge for any report, at COOB’92 they managed to innovate. They learned a little more about the events at the Winter Games in Calgary, but there were no pages for journalists in their press center.

Barcelona implemented a cutting-edge intranet system called AMIC, an acronym for Multiple Access to Information and Communication. It allowed the Olympic family (press, athletes, federations, judges, VIPs, organization, security, volunteers, etc.) to access multiple services in the four official languages ​​of the Games: calendar, results, biographies, histories, transportation, meteorology and even private personal messaging and pager (‘beeper’).

Around 2,000 access terminals distributed among 95 facilities and work for 500 informants, 100 editors distributed in 42 newsrooms, 20 translators and 85 technicians. Nothing was lacking in the 100,000 m2 Main Press Center, double that of Seoul. The 82 bus transportation lines for journalists reflect the dimension of the event.

Until shortly before the inauguration there was suspense because the technology implemented by Telefónica to respond to the double challenge of ’92: the Games and the Universal Exposition of Seville did not work. They were matters of state and everything was settled in time.

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