Luis Landero meeting his memory

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Luis Landero’s initiatory loves were quixotic, textbook. Influenced by his first poetic readings, the writer fell passionately in love, in the style of Becquer and Neruda. And he went out into the street becoming a serial lover. This last chapter of the podcast is about romanticism and the author’s way of loving, in which we review the life and creation of the author from Alburquerque.

We return to his town to visit the family house where the entire tribe closely monitored cousin Cipri’s courtship and where Landero glimpses, as a child, what love is. And we know how he goes from madness to serene love, which coincides with his job stability and his consecration as an author with the success of ‘Late Age Games’. The humility and bonhomie of the Albuquerque writer, his way of seeing the world, are also reflected in this sound tour.


  • Written and narrated by

    Cristina Nunez

  • Edited by

    Marta Muñoz and Antonio José Sánchez

  • Mastered by

    LAND HO!

  • Illustration

    Leticia Aróstegui

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