Let’s not take a step back against machismo, they are killing us.  today is

The president of the Assembly of ExtremaduraBlanca Martín, inaugurated the institutional event on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Womenwhich was jointly organized by the Regional Chamber and the Ministry of Culture and Equality and which took place in the Lost Steps Hall of the Assembly.

Blanca Martín stated in her speech that the event “is a symbol of unity, pact, dialogue and consensus, which demonstrates the importance” for the region and compared its celebration “to what we experienced last Saturday in the Plaza of Spain from Madrid”, in reference to the demonstration for a worthy train on the 18th in the Spanish capital.

On the other hand, the president of the regional Chamber denounced that in Vinarós -Castellón- the 45th murder of a woman in this country has been committed. In that sense, she criticized that “the streets would be filled with people if on a day like today there had been a terrorist act in the world, however, the streets this afternoon are not going to be filled.”

“If there were a terrorist attack today, the news would open with it and the streets would be filled with demonstrations denouncing the event. However, almost every day a woman is murdered, like today, and she will not appear on the news until the 15th minute of the news. There will also be no demonstrations or marches in the streets of Spain,” he added.

Likewise, he declared that “It is embarrassing to attend a show in which the executioners are victimized and the victim of a rape is blamed,” just as “it is sad to see surveys in which young people believe that gender violence is a matter of politicians and that the problem is overstated.” In this regard, he defended that “education in equality is essential to put an end to the sexist scourge and if young people think this way, we must result in educating in equality.”

Blanca Martín also insisted that “sexist violence is not a matter of politicians, but of the entire society. And as a society we have a problem: we only have to look at the figures from 2017 to realize the drama we are experiencing with the 45 women murdered for being women, 8 minors murdered as revenge by their parents against their ex-partners and 22 orphaned children,” Martin recalled.

“Today, here and now, with these words coming from my indignation, I remember that the struggle of women is the struggle for equality and that without feminism it will not be possible to address any better future, any hope,” she added, and ended her intervention. asking that “we do not take even a step back against machismo. They are killing us and our fight is for life. That is why we shout enough is enough,” she concluded.

Next, the artist intervened Lourdes Murilloauthor of the ‘Pink Zone’ exhibition which houses the Noble Courtyard of the regional Chamber. The exhibition is a reflection by the artist on micromachismo through plastic arts, through the creation of 14 paintings of different shades of pink displayed alongside photographs of women and men and a text about the value that color has for them.

Next, the equality spokespersons of the Podemos Parliamentary Group and the Popular Parliamentary Group, Jara Romero and Gema Cortés, respectively, and the deputy of the Socialist Parliamentary Group, Ascensión Godoy, read the manifesto agreed upon by all the groups represented in the regional Chamber on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

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