How to have the best home theater experience: tune up your TV with a sound bar

Friday, July 28, 2023, 08:07

LG celebrates 10 years of the only pure black and to celebrate it launches this 55″ LG OLED TV with a Gift Sound Bar valued at €299. Now enjoy the best home theater experience with the world’s #1 best-selling OLED TV with a 48% discount on its price. Additionally, using the promotional code LGBIENVENIDO5 you can benefit from an additional 5% discount for your total audiovisual experience.

How to have the best home theater experience: tune up your TV with a sound bar

Make the most of the quality of your television with the perfect settings for each content. Follow these tips to become an expert.

Thanks to the streaming services that practically everyone already has at home, lovers of movies, sports and series have access to an almost infinite amount of content, which can often be found in high quality. However, did you know that you can enjoy even better image quality with the right settings?

Televisions have long had different image configurations that allow the different parameters to be adjusted depending on both the content to be played and the personal preferences. Unfortunately, most users do not take advantage of these possibilities due to lack of knowledge, but configuring your television is not at all complicated, especially if it involvesLG televisions.

Picture modes: tailored to the content

Televisions have different picture settings designed for optimal use in different types of content. LG offers modes such as Standard or Vivid, with brightness, standard, contrast or sharpness parameters increased to make the image more attractive, but we also find settings such as Cinema mode, which imitates the style of the big screen, or Sports, optimized to not lose detail in competitions of this type. There are even designed to consume less energy or to offer optimal quality in video games.

FILMMAKER and Dolby Vision: the director’s modes

Even so, there are two modes of LG televisions that deserve their own mention due to their importance: FILMMAKER mode and Dolby Vision. These modes are designed to reproduce a true cinema experience possible to that devised by the creators of each film or content.

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This is about adapting the “Cinema Picture” image quality with a specific configuration tailored to each production, something that did not happen until now and could have a great negative impact on many films or series.

With these modes, the television automatically adopts the ideal parameters of brightness, sharpness, contrast and everything related when playing compatible content, which on the other hand is already the majority among the modern releases of the main streaming platforms. You will see the movie with the perfect settings that the director himself establishes for her.

And what happens with those contents that are not compatible with FILMMAKER or HDR Dolby Vision? LG still has another ace up its sleeve: the PICTURE WIZARD system. This Custom Image Wizard allows calibration tailored to each user in a simple and intuitive way.

It works through a process that lasts less than a minute in which it shows the user several images on the screen so that they can choose each time which ones are most attractive or pleasing to the eye. Thus, with this small questionnaire you establish viewing parameters tailored to your preferences, choosing whether we want to keep them for the entire configuration or only for a specific input, such as the game console or disc player connected to an HDMI.

Artificial Intelligence on your TV

Artificial Intelligence technologies are advancing by leaps and bounds and for some time we have been enjoying all kinds of improvements in our homes thanks to them. LG is not far behind in this regard and its televisions with sixth generation Alpha 7 and 9 processors designed specifically for the perfect performance of OLED evo take advantage of its features in the form of the AI ​​SERVICE.

Once this option is activated, The TV will actively recognize what content is being displayed to adapt the image automatically, offering the best parameters on every occasion. It is also possible to activate the AI ​​Brightness Settings and let the LG TV analyze the amount of ambient light to calibrate the necessary brightness at all times, even being able to increase it only in the darkest areas of the image.

The sound, the other half of the experience

Enjoying the highest image quality is essential, but to complete the complete home theater experience it is also necessary to have the best sound. The main streaming platforms today offer the most advanced audio technologies, with Dolby Digital, Dolby ATMOS or DTS-X multichannel sound.

However, taking advantage of all this potential requires a complement to match: adding a Sound bar . Current televisions have good sound systems, but such thin screens do not allow the implementation of qualities like that offered by a sound bar, capable of offering quality multichannel and surround sound.

How to set up the sound bar

As with the image, the TV’s audio can also be configured. To begin with, the most important point is to connect the sound bar to the TV using the HDMI ARC or eARC connections and not to a normal HDMI. Only these connections offer the best quality and allow uncompressed multichannel sound, in Dolby ATMOS or DTS-X.

The next thing will be to configure the sound parameters. The most expert in this already know what type of volume, equalization and effects settings they prefer, but for those less familiar, LG sound bars have automatic functions that allow the TV and the sound bar to synchronize their settings automatically.

Have modes like WOW Orchestra, which causes the sound to be output simultaneously from the TV and the sound bar, thus achieving more playback channels and better equalization.

Wireless connection is also possible to avoid unsightly cables, something particularly annoying when using the TV hanging from the wall using a stand.

We also have especially advanced sound bars such as the LG SC9S, which includes a Perfect Match support for 55″, 65″ and 75″ LG OLED C series TVs that place it at the perfect height to reproduce the sound of the TV and the sound bar simultaneously and in optimal conditions in any location.

If what you are looking for is an audiovisual experience of another level and you want to make sure you get the perfect Sound Bar for your TV, we invite you to try the sound bar recommenderwhich will show you the best options for each available model.

Live the best home theater experience with LG

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Finally, among all buyers who participate in the promotion in that period, 10 full refunds will be drawn for the OLED TV they have purchased.

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