From fireside stories to successful novels

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Since he was little, Luis Landero had been an imaginative narrator of the things that happened to him and he saw, but there was a moment in his life when he became a writer. From the stories he told with his family at the fire in Albuquerque, he moves on to successful novels, written with care on a lectern with a meticulous four-color method. His was a late start in letters, at 40 years old, after living many lives.

This chapter of the podcast ‘Landero, meeting his memory’ is about writing and also reading, in which the author himself tells us how he began to fall in love with books in a house where there was only one and how little by little He began to build his library, which from time to time he has to sift through, because it is gaining weight day by day. The author of Alburquerque tells us about his readings from his youth and his current ones, about how being a writer and being a reader are the same reality seen from both sides of the mirror.


  • Written and narrated by

    Cristina Nunez

  • Edited by

    Marta Muñoz and Antonio José Sánchez

  • Mastered by

    LAND HO!

  • Illustration

    Leticia Aróstegui

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