European regional parliaments debate gender equality in Cáceres.  today is

Representatives of different European regional parliaments meet in Cáceres today and tomorrow for the seminar of the working group on Gender Equality of the Conference of European Regional Assemblies (Calre), coordinated by the president of the Extremaduran Assembly, Blanca Martín, for second consecutive year.

The parliaments of Andalusia – which currently holds the presidency of Calre -, the Canary Islands, Cantabria, the Cortes of Castilla y León, the Regional Assembly of Murcia, the Cortes Valencianas and the Parliament of the Wallonie-Bruxelles Federation participate in the meeting. , as indicated by the Extremadura Chamber.

Experts in equality from different disciplines and fields will analyze and learn about the experience of other regional parliaments. The objective pursued in these two days of work is to promote gender equality among its policies and operations.

This afternoon, Thursday the 5th, the authorities and members of the participating parliaments will be received. The president of the Extremadura Assembly will preside over an event in which Rosario Cordero, president of the Cáceres Provincial Council, will also participate; Esther Gutiérrez, Minister of Education and Culture of the Board, and Elena Nevado, mayor of Cáceres.

It will be on Friday when the seminar opens and the first work panel begins: ‘Symbolic violence and micromachismos in politics’, which will feature the interventions of the journalist and writer Nuria Varela, who will talk about symbolic violence and micromachismos in politics, and Ana Requena, journalist and coordinator of the blog ‘Micromachismos’, with the presentation ‘Micromachismos: everyday machismo also reaches politics’.

The second panel is titled ‘Gender-sensitive Parliaments’ and will be led by the team leader and senior expert on gender perspective at the European Institute of Equality (EIGE), Bárbara Limanowska. Finally, ‘Taxation and Gender Equality’ will feature a presentation by Elena Manzano Silva, professor of Financial and Tax Law at the Faculty of Law of Extremadura.

After the presentations there will be an exchange of experiences, strategies and good practices on equality in the member parliaments of Calre and the closing of the seminar, in which Juan Pablo Durán, president of the Parliament of Andalusia and Calre, will take the floor. .


La Calre brings together 74 regional parliaments, represented in the plenary session of the conference by their respective presidents. Its members have legislative powers and together represent more than 200 million Europeans. It includes the autonomous parliaments of the Spanish State, the Italian regional councils, the assemblies of the Belgian regions and communities, the parliaments of the German and Austrian länder, the autonomous parliament of Åland (Finland), the regional assemblies of the Azores. and Madeira (Portugal), and the parliaments of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland (United Kingdom).

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