Enjoy the best of LED technologies with a 17% discount with LG QNED televisions

Tuesday, September 19, 2023, 10:34

LG QNED MiniLED TVs are the new standard in image quality, combining the best LED technologies to exceed perfection. How do you get 1 billion colors? Thanks to the sum of Quantum Dot and Nanocell Plus LED technologies.

Both are different nanoparticle technologies for color management, which when implemented together result in greater color intensity and open the door to a new standard in color gamut and fidelity, bringing image quality at home closer to the professional level of recording, production and post-production studios.

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Enjoy the best of LED technologies with a 17% discount with LG QNED televisions

Los televisores LG QNED MiniLED They also have the inclusion of up to 28,800 MiniLEDs, in 2,400 blocks in 8K resolutions and up to 17,300 miniLEDs in 1,440 blocks in 4K. These are smaller LEDs than traditional ones, so it is possible to include a greater number of them in the same inches, achieving much more precise control of the light. Thanks also to the improvements in the level of precision in backlight control achieved in 2013, we have gone from 64 thousand lighting levels to more than one million of them.

Thus, thanks to the new MiniLEDs, the halo effect is eliminated when there are light shapes on a dark background, or the gray backgrounds that sometimes form around images. Deeper blacks are achieved.

All of these improvements have led to televisores LG QNED MiniLED to be awarded the Interfek certificates of 100% color volume and 100% color consistency from different angles, thus demonstrating that they achieve color accuracy and detail far superior to those of conventional LED/LCD televisions.

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All this potential entails, of course, total compatibility with the formatos HDR Dolby Vision, HDR10 Pro, HDR HLG y modo Filmmaker, bringing the definitive audiovisual experience to the living room. Precisely at this point the Picture Configuration Assistant that LG TVs also have a great weight. QNED MiniLED incorporan, and that allows you to configure the image in less than a minute so that it adapts to the preferences and environment of each user. The configuration is achieved by showing different sets of images simultaneously, in which the user chooses in each case which one is most pleasing to the eye or attractive, with which the television adjusts the different configurations to create the optimal one in each case.

High power processor

Because the muscle needs a brain to match, the TVs LG QNED MiniLED They are equipped with the 4K a7 Gen6 processor, with AI based on Deep learning, trained to provide maximum power in both graphics and color as well as sound.

The TV’s AI is capable of recognizing the content being watched and even different elements and the depth at which they are presented, thus adjusting the settings in real time. Dynamic Tone Mapping and Precision Dimming Pro handle the colors, brightness and contrast of each MiniLED independently, while AI Sound Pro scales and emulates 7.1.2 surround sound by identifying object movement.

The best television for your streaming content

The inclusion of the new Smart TV webOS 23 It turns these televisions into the ideal streaming entertainment center, as it provides much faster, easier and more intuitive response and navigation, organizing applications with a visual and easy-to-use card system. Thanks to mando Magic Remotewith wireless pointer and motion sensor, navigation is also even more comfortable as it can be used as if it were a mouse, immediately cutting through those endless letter-by-letter searches on the different platforms.

To the compatibility that already existed with Google, Alexa and Apple Home Kit, Matter is now added, the new standard in connectivity of smart devices for the home, and of course the television is compatible with all the major streaming platforms. streaming como Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ y HBO Maxwhich take advantage of all the power of its features with elements such as the filmmaker mode, which allows you to enjoy the content as the director designed it to be seen.

So that the audio is not left behind, the eARC system, which allows the audio signal to pass through the HDMI connection to connect it to external equipment such as a sound bar, without ever losing the multichannel format or suffering compression losses and with full compatibility with the highest quality formats such as Dolby ATMOS and DTS-X. The QNED86 series also incorporates a newly designed base that allows two heights for the TV, one 3.5 cm from the surface for the least separation, and another 7.5 cm to give space to an LG sound bar.

And if you are also one of those who always has the Smartphone at hand, the mirroring and screen sharing functions of the TVs LG QNED MiniLED They will allow you to easily view your mobile content on a large screen and at maximum quality.

The best LED technologies at the best price

La gama LG QNED It also allows you to enjoy Quantum Dot and Nanocell technologies without the need for the control panel. MiniLEDs en la serie 81 de QNEDwith bright, vivid colors, sharp scenes and support for HDR10Pro, HDR HLG and Filmmaker formats, as well as all the power of the 4K a7 Gen6 processor, the Smart TV operating system wenOS23, the Magic Remote and Dolby Digital Plus soundas in the QNED MiniLED.

Now you can get a 50″ LG 50QNED816RE TV with a 17% discount to enjoy more vivid and bright colors in every scene. You can also benefit from a Extra 5% discount using the coupon LGBIENVENIDO5 and an additional 5% discount for the purchase of two or more products.

Experience the sum of the best LED technologies with a 5-year warranty and financing in 48 months. If all this were not enough, If all this were not enough, take advantage of official LG deliveries in 24-72 hours for FREE.

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