Blanca Martín proposes a women-only exhibition at the Assembly of Extremadura every March.  today is

The president of the Assembly of ExtremaduraBlanca Martín, proposes that the regional Chamber host a women-only collective exhibition every March, on the occasion of International Women’s Day.

In that sense, the president defended that “we must always support culture, but we must also support feminine culture” and considered that it would be “another way to make visible and raise our voices to continue claiming that women do the same thing that they have always done.”

Blanca Martín made this proposal at the opening of the collective exhibition ‘Women standing in art’in which 38 artists from Extremadura or residents in Extremadura participate and which hosts the Regional Chamber until the end of March, within the activities scheduled for International Women’s Day.

It is a collective exhibition of painting, sculpture and photography, made up of nearly fifty works and which brings together emerging and established artists such as Ruth Morán, Abigail Narváez, Virginia Arribas or Verónica Bueno.

The Minister of Culture and Equality, Leire Iglesias Santiago, and the curator of the exhibition, Rosana Soriano, also participated in the inauguration. Leire Iglesias declared that the exhibition “is a form of say enough is enough, that history has been tremendously unfair to us.” “Too many times women have been made invisible throughout the centuries,” she criticized. “That is why these types of initiatives are so important, because they value your work, your effort, ensuring that it is not forgotten and making it part of our history.”

Finally, Rosana Soriano, who, with this exhibition, aims to denounce “the invisibility of creative women” and demand a greater presence of women “in museums, galleries and art fairs.” Likewise, the question was asked “why if there is a majority of women in the faculties of fine arts and art schools, among artists in galleries and fairs the percentage of women is so small” or “why today, in the 21st century “There are museums in which works by women barely hang on their walls.”

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