Blanca Martín proposes a European pact against gender violence.  today is

“A great institutional pact against gender violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation,” was the proposal made by Blanca Martín, president of the Extremaduran Parliament, to the rest of the regional representatives present at the assembly of the Conference of Regional Legislative Assemblies of the Union European Union (Calre) during his speech. “It is imperative to be coordinated to articulate uniform protocols when facing the same problems,” continued Martín, who is responsible for the conference’s working group on Gender Equality.

Along the same lines, the president of the Extremadura Assembly indicated that “Europe must be at the forefront of all advances in rights and no right is more fundamental than that of equality.” She therefore requested consensus and willingness to reach agreements with the aim of being “at the height of the dramas that still persist in our societies, beyond the relative advances that each of them has experienced in recent years.”

The Calre assembly has been taking place in the Parliament of Andalusia since yesterday, Thursday. 150 parliamentary representatives have registered for this event and from there will come the Declaration of Seville, which reflects the spirit of encounter that gave rise to this association twenty years ago, an event that coincides with the 60th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome.

Seville Declaration

Yesterday the opening session took place with the presence of representatives of the Congress of the Council of Europe and the Committee of the Regions, as well as the president of the Assembly of European Regions, Magnus Berntsson.

In addition to the Seville Declaration, representatives of European parliaments and assemblies debated two resolutions on the White Paper regarding the future of Europe.

On that first day of work, Juan Pablo Durán, president of Calre, reported on the entity’s activity during 2017 and about the activity of the eight work groups that have operated this year.

For the closing session, which takes place today, Friday the 10th, the president of the Assembly of Extremadura is scheduled to collect the Stars of Europe award for the celebration of the first edition of the Plenary against Bullying due to LGTBIphobia.

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