Blanca Martín is committed to educating in equality from childhood.  today is

The president of the Assembly of Extremadura, Blanca Martín, has shared an event with schoolchildren during her visit to the Delicias school, in Cáceres. The event was organized by the center on the occasion of International Women’s Day and was focused on equality. An inspector from the National Police, a researcher from the Jesús Usón Minimally Invasive Surgery Center and a Paralympic climber also participated in it.

In his speech, Martín opted for “educating in equality from childhood” as one of the most effective tools to achieve a more just society. “We must make students aware that we are equal and insist that the only difference we have is physical, but that we can dedicate ourselves to the same things and that women can occupy positions that are usually occupied by men,” added the president of the Chamber.

In that sense, she also acknowledged that her experience as a woman in politics has not been easy. “I think that micromachismos continue to exist in any aspect of life and they also exist in politics. I have suffered them not only within the political parties themselves, but also in my experience in the institutions,” she stated.

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