ASEXTRAS commemorates Transplant Day by taking to the streets

Wednesday, March 30, 2022, 08:00

Today is World Donor Day, for this reason, ASEXTRAS, the Extremadura Association of Transplant Patients, takes to the streets to commemorate this day.

In several towns in the region, including Badajoz, Cáceres, Mérida, Zafra and Don Benito, information, awareness and donor recruitment tables will be set up. They want to thank all the actors involved in the process for their work and involvement: the donors, their family, healthcare personnel such as surgeons, nurses, assistants, etc.

The Extremadura Association of Transplant Patients, ASEXTRAS, is a non-profit association that provides moral, solidarity and human support to the extensive group of patients waiting for transplants, to transplant recipients and their families, under the motto: ‘I was a donor, now I am receiver! Think about it! Collaborate by joining or becoming a donor.’

Its delegations, located in Mérida, Zafra, Plasencia Badajoz, Don Benito and Cáceres, are open to all citizens who want to donate life.

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