Amazon’s Black Friday super offer: Ring Intercom + Echo Pop for only 56.99 euros

Tuesday, November 21, 2023, 16:06

We know that we live in the future when we come across small technological wonders like this one that we are talking to you about again today. With Ring Intercom from Amazon comes with convenience, authentic comfort, to our homes. This little device, so simple in appearance, is all we need to say goodbye definitively to that everyday gesture of getting up to open the portal when they call the phone. You may not think it’s a big deal, but just try this new system for a few days to discover the radical change it makes to your routine.

No more having to go look for a package at a delivery point forever., which for a change catches you on the other side of the city, because the delivery man arrived just when you were away from home. Now, with Ring Intercom from Amazon, wherever you are, you will only have to press a button on your mobile phone so that the courier, your food delivery order or that visitor you were waiting for can access your building without having to take a step.

If it has been possible for a long time to get a plane ticket to Paris from your smartphone… Why wouldn’t you be able to do something as simple as answer your home intercom? All this and much more is what it now allows you to do. Ring Intercom de Amazon: the big little revolution that continues to reap success among marketplace users, both young and old.

Are you interested in getting one or giving it as a gift this Christmas? Well you’re in luck, because in This Black Friday week you can get the Ring Intercom + Echo Pop for only 54.99 euros. Remember that This offer is available until November 27, so don’t think about it too much and take advantage of this unique opportunity to get it with an extraordinary 70% discount. Almost nothing!


Amazon’s Black Friday super offer: Ring Intercom + Echo Pop for only 56.99 euros
Amazon’s Black Friday super offer: Ring Intercom + Echo Pop for only 56.99 euros

Being able to activate any device in the home using your voice has always been a dream cherished by science fiction, which little by little is becoming a reality thanks to advances in home automation and virtual assistance. Ring Intercom from Amazon is one more piece that is added to this mechanism so that the machinery in your home works like silk, making it easier for you to open the door of your portal when you need it, without waiting or complications.

Older people, as you can imagine, are the main beneficiaries of this system. Now they won’t have to struggle to get to the intercom or depend on a third party every time someone knocks on their door: with the intuitive operation of Amazon’s Ring Intercom they will have a remote key with which they can feel self-sufficient again.

The case of tourist apartments also deserves special mention. Imagine that you are the owner of an apartment that is advertised on Airbnb: with Ring Intercom you only need to move your thumb to grant access to your guestssaving you the hassle of having to travel to the property and them the hassle of waiting for you to arrive.

As you see, they are all advantages. And this device is designed to work with practically all intercom models on the market. However, before purchasing it, I recommend that you take a look at the compatibility table that you will find on the page of the article itself, especially if the building you live in is old.

Once you have it at home, installing it is child’s play. All you have to do is enter its exclusive application and follow the steps that they give you verbatim. Simply remove the casing of your intercom and make the relevant connections. The latter sounds like the work of a professional electrician, but don’t worry: it is designed so that anyone can do it without prior knowledge, since it is directly integrated into the general system of the property. Finally, once everything is in place, simply place the device on the wall, which you can do with adhesive strips or by screwing it.

Do you still have doubts about this process? Nothing happens: in the Ring Intercom Support Center You can request technical assistance. You can also ask for help by calling 900 431 519.


Another key advantage of Amazon’s Ring Intercom is that You can use it from any mobile device, be it a smartphone or tablet. If, for example, you have your iPad with you and the postman knocks on the door while you are having a coffee, you can open it in a matter of seconds.

In fact, you can not only open the portal: You also have the possibility to communicate with the caller using audio and video, as long as the intercom model installed in your home allows it. Also, if this is not enough for you, you can gain functionality by linking your Ring Intercom with Alexa, so that you will open the door in the same way that you set an alarm or make purchases on Amazon.

And we shouldn’t forget its verified guest option either. This function allows you to give temporary access permissions to the people you want, such as family, friends or trusted delivery people, so that they can enter your block within the hours you establish. You can also configure the system to Amazon orders have automatic verification and ensure that you will never again lose a package sent directly by the platform.

Little more to add. Remember that Ring Intercom from Amazon is on sale during this Black Friday week for only 54.99 euros if you buy it together with an Echo Pop speaker. Don’t miss the opportunity and get it with a 70% discount until November 27.


If you want to finish fine-tuning your remote portal opening system, now you can take a pack with Ring Intercom plus Echo Pop for only 54.99 euros.

Exact: For only 7 euros more you can also take home the Echo Pop smart speaker, which works via Bluetooth and is compatible with Alexa. It is a compact, secure device (it implements a multi-layer barrier to protect your privacy at all times) and sustainable, since most of its components come from recycled material.

Use Echo Pop to operate Ring Intercom using voice commands and gain convenience for very little money.

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