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Brass Bell
The Brass Bell, by Camille Cole.
Find out more about The Brass Bell and how to order your copy, signed by the author, here.

About Sahalie

Sahalie Publishing Company was incorporated as a non-profit 501(c)(3) Oregon corporation in 1977. Our first publication was a local newspaper, The McKenzie Enterprise, for the upper McKenzie River community. After the newspaper ended its publication, Sahalie reorganized. Our first publication was You Can Can with Honey, by Nancy Cosper. This website is dedicated to her memory.

Our waterfall logo represents the beautiful Sahalie waterfalls on the McKenzie River. A 100-foot pounding cascade of the blue-green McKenzie river waters, Sahalie is a Chinook Indian word for heaven.

Sahalie's mission is to provide a forum where people can express their ideas via the written word and through a variety of multi-media channels.

Subsequent Sahalie publications have focused on educational information in the arena of holistic health and spiritual healing guides for people, including children, who are battling life-threatening diseases. Sahalie has provided these publications free of charge to those in need. Other projects have focused on health and welfare of the environment.

Sahalie projects have been supported by foundations and individuals desiring to support work that empowers people and communities as they strive for health and well-being.

With the publication of The Brass Bell, we are expanding our purpose to include non-fiction and narrative non-fiction literary projects with a focus on contemporary history and memoir.

One-hundred percent of your tax deductible donations to Sahalie are used directly in support of our mission to publish educational and literary works that might not otherwise be supported-to provide support for emerging authors and artists.

Sahalie Projects

The heart of Sahalie Publishing is its publications and its creative and professional support services for its authors. Sahalie has, throughout the years, sponsored and sustained products, services, and projects in support of healing arts, spiritual explorations and education, environmental guardianship, holistic lifestyles, and contemporary literary forums. Our new literary division seeks to support writers and other artists whose work may not find an outlet in the corporate publishing world.

Sahalie provides a philanthropic and project forum for:

  • Artists whose visual and literary work raises global awareness about environmental and personal healing issues.

  • Literary, visual and multimedia artists whose work and vision might otherwise go unsupported.

Brass Bell

The Brass Bell by Camille Cole
The life story of Marion Parsons, the school she started in a hen house in her father's cherry orchard in 1927, and the community that supported a school that grew to be one of the highest-rated schools in New York State. The backdrop of this non-fiction account that reads like a novel is the turn of the last century, The Great Depression, World War II, and the boom years that followed until her retirement in 1952.


Kuan Yin

Journey for Healing with Kuan Yin
A guided meditation CD free to all people suffering from
AIDS, leukemia and cancer


And you will fly

...And You Will Fly!
A children's story CD created by Nicki Scully, Roland Barker,
Mark Hallert, and Fiona McAuliffe as a give away for children facing life-threatening health conditions.